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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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making news in america this morning -- the sun is rising on another new year. we'll take you around the world for a look at the celebrations as millions ushered in 2014. old man winter already making its mark on the new year with subzero temperatures. and what could be a major snowstorm for parts of the northeast. plus, a health scare for former first lady barbara bush, why she's waking up in a hospital this morning. and a well-deserved break today for wall street. the dow ends the year on a high note, as the market gives back investors much of what they lost in the past few years. good morning, everyone. happy new year's day. i'm muhammad lila, filling in for john muller. >> and i'm diana perez.
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we do begin with the festivities around the globe. city after city, welcoming the new year with a bang. >> many of those party goers didn't seem to mind to brave the winter cold for some spectacular fireworks. here's abc's tahman bradley with the latest. >> reporter: the world rang in 2014 in spectacular fashion. in every corner of the globe -- dazzling fireworks displays. in australia, a million people gathered for the show over the sydney opera house. in brazil, a big bash on the copacabana beach. in shy now, a stunning light show at the great wall. across the u.s., frigid temperatures didn't stop the wave of celebrations. in new york, revelers packed times square to watched the famed crystal ball drop. supreme court justice sotomayor led the festivities.
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chicago welcomed 2014 and braced for at least six inches of snow. in portland, maine, these people braved the cold for a new year's eve 5k run and dip in the ocean. >> fabulous. >> freezing. >> so fun. >> it's a great thing to do on new year's eve and you bond with everyone who does it with you. >> reporter: for most of the country, a more traditional celebration. those glasses, hats, and the first kiss. tahman bradley, abc news, and washington. >> much of the nation will welcome 2014 with a blast of wicked winter weather. >> that's right. the forecast from accuweather's jim dickey. good morning and happy new year. really two troubled spots across the country. snowfall from the great lakes into ohio valley. a couple of inches piling in many locations, including omaha, chicago, into the detroit area, and then seeing showers along
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the gulf coast here, too, so slow travel in these areas as we head through the late part of the week. bring significant snow to many locations. the heaviest of that snow will be in southern new england. we could be talking a foot-plus in some locations. back to you. >> jim, thank you. former first lady barbara bush is in a texas hospital this morning being treated for early signs of pneumonia. mrs. bush was admitted to houst houston methodist hospital on monday with what's being described as respiratory conditions. she's receiving fantastic care. it's being called a new day in health care, the coverage mandated by the affordable care act takes effect today. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says more than 2.1 million people have selected a private insurance plan even the administration admits there will be problems as people begin their new plans. it's time for another round of middle east shuttle diplomacy. secretary of state john kerry leaves today for the middle
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east. he'll visit jerusalem sandra mall la. he hopes to get a framework of a new peace agreement approved. however, an official is warning that no big breakthrough is expected. key issues include the status of jerusalem. the fire caused by the collision of two freight trains in north dakota is still smoldering. most residents are back in their homes this morning after an e have vac wags order was lifted. officials warn they should be ready to move again, the wreck is raising questions about the transportation of combustible commodities through populated areas. the helicopter air lifts for the ship stuck in the antarctic ice is still on hold. the weather still isn't good enough. as we hear from abc's gio benitez, spirits aboard the ship are still high. >> reporter: a united front. the stranded passengers stomping on sea ice, to the tune of that
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new year's eve song "auld lang syne." >> snow and ice for the chinese helicopter can reach us when the weather improves. >> reporter: this, after three icebreaking ships like this one, couldn't shatter miles of that thick ice to reach the ship. watch in this time-lapse video as it tries and tries again. the latest rescue plan, most of the 74 onboard will be flown in a group of 12 to a chinese icebreaker nearby. from there, they'll be carried by barge to the australian icebreaker. today, a message. >> happy new year! >> reporter: and if that helicopter mission fails, reports now that the strong american icebreaking, isn't too far, it's just ten days away if it's needed. gio benitez, abc news, new york. coming up -- the pope is offering his new year's message to the world.
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plus, the battle continues over a little girl declared brain dead after having her tonsils removed. why her family still has hope. more trouble for target. now there could be problems with gift cards consumers bought over the holidays. details coming up next. gift cards consumers bought over the holidays. details coming up next. ♪ [ birds chirping, twinkling noises ]
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at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. [ male announcer ] you say tomato. ♪ old el paso says diced tomato stand 'n stuff chicken tacos. ♪ you say what's for dinner? old el paso says start somewhere fresh. welcome back. investors are toasting wall street's best year since 1995. the dow will open this new year nearly 3500 points higher than it did last year. it closed at an all-time high yesterday. on the final trading day of the year. this year's gain helped investors recouped most of what
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was lost during that financial crisis. stocks were partly fueled by the fed's stimulus program. there's more trouble for target. the retailer now says that some of the gift cards sold during the holiday season weren't activated properly. it's the latest hit for target. just a few weeks, the accounts of some 40 million consumers that used debit and credit cards at target stores were hacked. as for this latest problem, target says it is going to honor those gift cards. netflix plans to be try out a cheaper, more limited subscription. the new option will be $6.99, a dollar cheaper than the current monthly rate. they'll be allowed watch movies on one screen at a time. for $7.99 you can watch it on two screens. netflix is stepping up its competition with amazon prime that offers video streaming as well. meanwhile, it's lights out for the incandescent light bulb.
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starting today, it no longer be imported to the united states. it's been a slow but steady phase out for the trusty bulb. some bulbs have already been discontinued. today marks the first time the more popular 40 and 50 bulbs will go the way of the eight-track tape. when we come back -- a cause for hope. what doctors are now saying about the condition of legendary race car driver michael schumacher who's hospitalized after a skiing accident. later, it's one of the biggest events of new year's day. how volunteers are helping to prepare for the rose bowl. we'll be right back. to prepare for the rose bowl. we'll be right back.
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and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in quite a few places. so, pay attention. here we go -- kansas city, chicago, detroit, houston and new orleans. well, the legal fight continues this morning over a california teenager declared brain-dead after having her tonsils removed. >> the family of 13-year-old jahi mcmath says that several facilities are willing to take her if she gets a tube first. her family believes that she can be revived. good news to begin 2014, improvement reported for michael schumacher, but it may not be enough. the veteran formula 1 race car driver had a second brain surgery. doctors say won't say what his chances are. schumacher retired from racing last year after winning an amazing 75 championships. he turns 45 years old monday.
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now to boston, police there are investigating a horrific accident, a woman crushed to death while walking across a drawbridge. the operator was raising the bridge to allow a boat to pass. the woman was killed when she got trapped between the metal plates. it's not clear if the safety gates were down. the archdiocese of philadelphia has helped post bail for the first catholic priest convicted in the child sex abuse scandal. his handling of the abuse claims were overturned last week. he needed to pay $25,000 before his release, likely to be in the next couple of days. pope francis ended 2013 with his first new year's eve mass, the pope used the prayer service to urge people to think about the year gone by. he asked them to whether they spent the year on their own interests or helping others. after the service, the pope went into st. peter's square to greet well-wishers and check out a life-size nativity scene. and new york city has a
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brand-new mayor for the first time in 12 years. bill de blasio was sworn at midnight, replacing billionaire michael bloomberg, the 52-year-old was joined by his wife and two children. de blasio is the first democrat elected as new york city mayor since 1989. he'll be sworn in later today by former president bill clinton with this new year, brings a host of new laws that people will soon have to learn, some are a long time coming and while some are completely unexpected. here's abc's linsey davis with the breakdown. >> reporter: out with the old in with the new -- new laws that is. legislators have some big changes in store for 2014. some of them pretty standard. 14 states will see increases in minimum wage. california enforcing stricter punishment for those paparazzi. colorado and washington will host marijuana retailers.
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which brings us to a few of the new laws hitting the books that may have you thinking, what were they smoking? hate it when you're out in wisconsin and can't catch a cab, the badger state will legalize pedal pubs. ferries riders to and from bars. everyone pedals, driver steers and you enjoy one more beer for the road. think the only lemon law applies to used cars? nope. illinois will join states where you can also return your pets and get reimbursed for any costs if illness was disclosed by the seller. the land of lincoln also banning tang for anyone 17 and under. and mothers in oregon will soon to get to bring home soon than just their baby from the hospital.
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that's right, it will soon be legal to bring their placenta home, too, since ingesting the placenta is known to have positive health benefits post-childbirth. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> good news. for millions of americans living with alzheimer's disease, researchers say a daily dose vitamin e might slow the progression of mild to moderate alzheimer's. it gives suffers about six months longer to perform simple tasks. the study involved more than 600 veterans. a 9-year-old southern californian boy has something to brag about, when he's asked what he did over his holiday break. tyler armstrong climbed south america's tallest mountain in argentina. he's believed to be the youngest person to reach the summit. he was accompanied by his father. but it was not without a price. >> it was worth missing christmas.
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>> i couldn't sleep. tyler called me and said, hi, mom, merry christmas. i was just so excited. >> more than 100 climbers have lost their lives on that summit. less than a third of those obtain permits to climb that summit, actually reach the summit. tyler had to get special permission because of his very tender age and his father said that he had to keep up with tyler because he's in better shape than his father. all right, we got that pesky times square ball drop thing out of the way, it's time for the tournament of roses parade. some of the 700,000 spectators are already in position along the route in pasadena. most of the floats are performed by professionals. volunteers spent thousands of hours on the others, but not all of the volunteers are adults. >> you wouldn't rather be somewhere else playing with a barber doll or a video game? >> no. i like helping the community, so this is fun for me. >> you want to tell all the
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12-year-olds out there get out of the video games and volunteer? >> you need to stop, like, sitting around and help the community. >> good message. a special note for the 125th edition of the parade, bands from alaska will participate for the first time. a sex-same marriage will be performed aboard one of the floats. yeah, there are some protests about it. here are friends at espn news. happy 2014. good morning. this is the los angeles "sportscenter" set. here's kenny mayne. he needs no introduction. but i just introduced him. >> wake up, you're on the couch. you're watching sports. we're "sportscenter." who's this? rock star. that's johnny manziel at the chick-fil-a bowl. look at this guy -- rock stars do that type of stuff. they jump in the air and almost fall down and throw a touchdown. texas a&m trailing 38-24. duke's up by three. duke's up by ten. texas a&m right back in the game
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and then taking the lead. boom, uh-oh, intercepted. going to other way, the aggies come from way back, 52-48, a winner in this thing. gatorade all over the place. let's go to oklahoma. kevin durant ties his shoes before every game. fourth quarter, lamarcus aldridge, the blazers come back from being down 16 points and then nicolas batun, nothing in the first half, 15 in the second half, including that three. kevin durant tries to get it off. no. he makes the first one, misses the second one. durant, makes just one point in the fourth quarter and that's not the one there. blazers, 98-94. many of the folks watching just walked in from a party. happy new year. >> happy new year, guys. coming up next -- it's the
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♪ you're as cold as ice welcome back. it's time to check on "the pulse" on this, the first day of 2014. and on that day, dozens of people in maine wrapping up the old year with a big chill and a big thrill. >> no thank you. the hearty souls stripped down
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to shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, all for an icy plunge at a portland beach. now, this was after a 5k run in the frigid new england winter. yikes! >> you know, at least they were wearing something. >> you know what, i think i might be able to handle that after a 5k run, because you're sweaty and you kind of worked up some heat within the body. >> i think you go in, you make your point and come out. and then you wind up on abc because we show footage. >> the only reason i would do that. it's an annual royal tradition, every new year, queen elizabeth bestows the highest honor to its citizens. this list includes -- angela lansbury from "murder, she wrote." she can now add dame to her name. the 88-year-old actress was one of the thousands of people who made queen elizabeth's new
4:54 am
year's honors list. the queen also knighted the gynecologist who oversaw the safe delivery of her great-grandson. >> he apparently came out of retirement just to deliver the baby, i think that alone deserves some knighthood. "murder she wrote" is very interesting. i didn't see 88 coming. i guess we can't be knighted, we're not british. can we be knighted? it was a frightening moment for salt lake city viewers when a reporter fainted during a live report at a ski resort. she said she often faints in high altitude and cool. >> the average temperature this time of year is 38 degrees. she promises to see a doctor about the problem.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. now at 5:00, new year's eve turns tragic in the east bay. a mother is killed and her baby and her sister are hospitalized after they are hit by a pickup truck. we will have a report ahead. new video just in to the newsroom shows an overturned car on a busy bay area freeway ramp. the impact on the early morning holiday commute. look at this: san francisco kicking off 2014 with a big bang. in fact, many big bangs. ahead we have the fireworks and crowds at the biggest new year's eve celebration. it is january 1, 2014. thank you very much for


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